About Folovap

FOLOVAP is an instance of meeting, participation and collaboration between the different actors that participate in the logistics-port community linked to the Port of Valparaiso.

The purpose is to achieve integration, optimization and excellence in its processes, through the development of innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the Port of Valparaiso in the national and international transport and trade industry.


To gather, coordinate and facilitate the processes of integration between the member institutions of Folovap.


Promote joint strategic projects in various areas that contribute to improving the efficiency of the activity.



Promote studies in subjects that contribute to improve the efficiency and integration of the network of services offered by members of the community.


To finance or provide technical advice to research activities carried out by other institutions and related to the object of FOLOVAP.


05 Aug 2021;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Sesión N°162 de FOLOVAP

Latest News

Cruise Industry

  • April 13 - 2017

As was the case in March, when a small group of port leaders from Cotraporchi, the Maritime Coordinator and trade unions of TPS and Ultraport threatened to repeat blocking actions against cruise ship landings, As was the case in March, when a small group of port leaders from Cotraporchi, the Maritime...

Meeting of Folovap

  • March 08 - 2017

Folromap's 113th session was held in the Main Auditorium, Puerto Valparaiso, attended by AGEMFRUT, ANAGENA, ASOEX, Customs Chamber, Regional Customs Office (DRA), Puerto Columbo, Puerto Valparaiso, Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) ), Seremi Health and Overseas.

Context of trade in the world

  • February 28 - 2017

As a result of the globalization process, international trade relations have been increasing at a faster pace than global economic growth. From 1950 to 2009, from Agreement, the growth of international trade has been on average 1.7 times higher than world economic growth, with a peak in the 1990s...

International trade growth

  • February 24 - 2017

Economic growth declines in 2013 as economic activity in developing regions is retreating and the situation in advanced economies only slightly improved.

Increases in Port Volumes

  • February 17 - 2017

One of the main challenges currently faced by container ports is the improvement of facilities to accommodate the increase in the size of vessels and the pressures That this supposes on the spatial and temporal aspects of the manipulation of the load. For larger vessels, investments are required in...

Regional Port Market

  • February 10 - 2017

The sustained growth of foreign trade over the last two decades in the ZC has been made possible in part because the country ports had some surplus infrastructure and Which has been better exploited through a set of policies for optimization, improvement, sustained introduction of competition in the...


Roberto Fantuzzi sobre AAPA 2018
Roberto Fantuzzi sobre AAPA 2018

Embajador de AAPA 2018, Roberto Fantuzzi te invita a que seas parte del evento portuaria del año.

AAPA Valparaiso
AAPA Valparaiso

Se viene el acontecimiento portuario del año por primera vez en sudamérica AAPA 2018.


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