Integrate and coordinate the public and private actors involved in the port logistics chain, promoting the development of sustainable solutions with the purpose of contributing to the competitiveness of the port system of Valparaiso.




To be the Entity that gathers, interprets and unifies the interests and expectations of all the actors of the port logistics chain of Valparaíso.




  • Trust
  • Tolerance
  • Self-criticism
  • Empathy
  • Constructive communication
  • Commitment
  • Solidarity



1. To gather, coordinate and facilitate the integration processes between institutions, companies and organizations, public and private, that participate in the logistics-port chain linked to the port activity of Valparaíso.

2. Promote initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the City-Port of Valparaíso.

3. Promote joint strategic projects in various areas that contribute to improving the efficiency of the port activity in Valparaíso.

4. Actively participate in the promotion of the port system of Valparaíso, through the proposal of integrating solutions, efficient services and efficient, safe and sustainable infrastructure.

5. Provide members of the logistics community, updated information of the sector, both nationally and internationally.

6. Promote studies and research in matters that contribute to improving the conditions of efficiency, continuous development and integration of the network of services offered by members of the logistics community to the Port of Valparaíso.

7. Financing or providing technical advice, shaping its possibilities, to study activities and research carried out by other institutions or organizations that are related to the purpose and purposes of FOLOVAP.

8. Carry out dissemination and information activities in matters specific to the sector.

9. Respect the particular interests of the members of the logistic community, not being able to be motive of a motion or debate within FOLOVAP matters specific to the operation, management, organization or specific plans of each member.

10. Collaborate in the sector coordination of investment and development projects promoted by the State, to adapt to the rules that regulate free competition.